Acoustic Design Solutions for Interiors

As designers, understanding the fundamentals of acoustics is paramount in designing a comfortable, functional interior. Acoustics have a profound impact on the way we experience any space, and are particularly important in commercial spaces such as restaurants, offices, and schools, where the functionality of the space is reliant upon effective acoustic performance. Acoustics of a Read More

Art In The Workplace

As organizations look to returning to in-person work arrangements, it’s important to consider new incentives and design elements to improve the office environment. Displaying art in the workplace can elevate employee performance, mood, and physical well-being, as well as bolster interpersonal bonds between employees and clients. Dozens of research studies conducted over the past 10 Read More

How to Manipulate a Space with Colour

3. Colour Blocking:   Colour blocking is an effective way to visually zone off open-plan spaces without disturbing the flow of the space with solid structures, dividers or walls. One way to zone your space is to use contrasting colours to define zones that are intended for different uses. This approach is often used in open-plan Read More


Eating well, exercise, adequate sleep, meditation…we know what we should be actively doing to enhance our well-being, but have you ever stopped to think about how where we live, work, learn and play affects us? Wellness focused interior design recognises that residential and commercial spaces can significantly influence our physical and mental well-being.  BIOPHILIC DESIGN Read More


ONLY GOING INTO THE OFFICE WHEN ‘REQUIRED’ This is ideal for some companies where workers only need to meet when deemed necessary. But what is considered necessary and by who? If it’s just determined by task or project requirements, then the human element is not being considered. If you are a people-focused soul then being Read More

The rise of the home office

Over time we have seen the office become more homely and now during the COVID-19 pandemic we are seeing the home become more “officey”-  complete with kids in the background bouncing on the sofa, dogs barking, people in their pyjamas and working alongside significant others. I guess you could consider it a bonding experience. Whether Read More


Recently I had the pleasure of chatting with Steelcase’s Business Development Manager, Ashley Jane Casey about where workplaces are heading. This vibrant woman combines boundless energy and enthusiasm with a vast knowledge of innovative product design and workspaces (and she is hysterically funny). Steelcase is a world leader in ground-breaking office products and has several Read More