How can design tempt customers to try the innovative cuisine of a modern Turkish bakehouse? The answer is by making it so darn welcoming that people can’t resist! In Elk Bakehouse, the raw brick, weathered timber and leather resonate with the flakiness of golden pastries, while the gentle curves throughout pay subtle homage to traditional Turkish design. Elements of steel bring a contemporary edge befitting the location, whilst the textiles echo the heritage of the owners – fusing the past with the present. Customer are powerless to resist the pull of this tasty space.

“This business has been a long-held dream for me and my family and has great personal significance as my Turkish mother handed down the recipes I use in my business. I felt that Gil and Kylie really understood the importance of including my heritage into the design. They also appreciated the bakery needed to appeal to the local population and I feel they got the perfect balance between the here-and-now and my past. Working remotely together was easy, using skype and their 3D program which allowed me to walk “virtually” through the space. Their comprehensive documentation package meant getting approval from the shopping centre ran smoothly. I absolutely love my bakery and the feedback from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive. It’s a dream come true! “

Owner of Elk Bakehouse